Department of Economics aims to instruct individuals who understand global economies, primarily Turkey and its surrounding countries, and who have the ability to use economic theories and concepts in a competent and original way while analyzing existing problems. Students who are included in the Department of Economics Undergraduate Program have the ability to analyze facts in the field of economics with the perspectives and backgrounds gained during their active learning processes. As our students graduate with global qualifications in their fields, they start their careers one step ahead of their competitors thanks to the awareness they receive in the program. The Ibn Haldun University Department of Economics aims to train ‘privileged’ students in small classes, with a special mentoring system, unique training techniques and experienced faculty who have completed their Ph.D.’s in well-known worldwide educational institutions.


The program offers a curriculum based on 8 semesters that includes compulsory courses providing sufficient infrastructure for students in the fields of economics, mathematics, statistics and econometrics, along with a wide range of elective courses in business, sociology, psychology, history, law and politics. In sectorial elective courses, they have a chance to have expertise in areas such as entrepreneurship, real estate, energy, communication, environment, transportation and finance.

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